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The Summary

www.MrWeberloo.com , also referred to as MrWeberloo.com or MrWeberloo or MrWeberloo reserves the sole rights to make amendments to the terms and conditions laid by it. It also reserves the rights to change the operation of its website at any point in time. When the user is using this service, he is agreeing to the terms and conditions that have been laid out by this disclaimer and also waives any kind of claims or rights that it may have against our company, MrWeberloo.

Kindly read all the terms and conditions that have been laid out carefully even before you actually order for any kind of services or products from our site. When you place an order with us, you need to understand that you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions that have been laid out and are bound by the same.

You must have to agree our terms & conditions before the submit your order with us.You can agree on the terms and conditions which is provided in our offer or contract while submitting an order of product or services which we are offering through www.MrWeberloo

The newsletter is our main platform through which we communicate with our customers and bring to their notice any latest information regarding changes made to our site. We will notify any kind of updates or planned outages and then keep them informed regarding the products and services we have on board.

Whatever content you are seeing on the MrWeberloo website is the sole property of MrWeberloo Ltd and its advertisers, licensors and suppliers. The same is protected by copyright, patent, intellectual property law and trademark. Until and unless it is otherwise stated in writing, all the content owned by MrWeberloo received from the website may be displayed, reformatted, downloaded or printed for different purposes and of course for non-commercial use alone. However, the advertisers, licensors, suppliers and the owners of MrWeberloo may have more restrictions imposed on them. When you are agreeing with the terms and conditions mentioned here, you are agreeing to not to retransmit, reproduce, disseminate, distribute, broadcast, publish, sell or circulate all of the content or part of it which you may receive from the website or from anyone, including others or the people within the organization or company without seeking prior permission from MrWeberloo. The permission may be in the form of written consent too.

Our suppliers, advertisers and licensors and we together, offer the MrWeberloo website as well as the services on board on an “as is” basis that comes in without any kind of conditions, warranty, implied or express. We herewith specifically disclaim if you come across any kind of implied warranties of merchantability, fitness, the title for a specific purpose and also warranty related to non-infringement. There are a few states that disallow implied warranties disclaimer and hence the foregoing disclaimer may be not relevant or applicable to you. However, through this warranty page we give you all those specific legal rights and in addition, you may also be in possession of those legal rights that are specific to your state. These legal rights keep varying from state to state.

MrWeberloo will in no way be liable to your business or you for any kind of consequential, punitive damages, incidental or special damages or imputed profits or lost or royalties that arise out of using stuff from this website or services provided or goods sold, may be for breach of warranty or may be for any kind of obligation that arises therefrom or even otherwise, regardless of whether the liability has been asserted in tort (negligence or strict product liability) or contract and regardless of whether the person has been advised of any possibility of damage or loss. All parties may hereby waive any kind of claims which these exclusions may deprive the parties of any adequate remedies.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions here you are acknowledging that the third party service and product providers can advertise their services or products on the MrWeberloo website and that we, MrWeberloo can form alliances or partnerships with a few of these sellers at regular intervals so as to bring the products and services closer to the customers. At the same time, we also request you to acknowledge and agree that MrWeberloo at no time will be giving any warranty or make any representation related to third-party services or products. MrWeberloo will not be liable to any third party or your claims that will arise from such third party services and products. Through this agreement, you will waive and disclaim any claims and rights that you may have made against MrWeberloo related to third party services and products to the extent that is permissible by law.

Setting up of accounts

With your order, we need to set your account and once it's done then our support team will contact you to start your project. We are also using Skype to communicate with our customers to support them so after set up your account you need to have also Skype account.

Payment and Billing

After submitting your order you need to submit your payment as committed in the terms while signed the contract. If you are submitting part payment as mentioned in the contract then you need to submit other due payment on time, if any customer will fail to do so then our company has right to stop your entire further project or projects and ceased your money. So that money which you paid it is not refundable.

In the case of any queries related to the billing or its process, you may feel free to contact us on billing@mrweberloo.com.


Under our Web designing services, the customer is liable to provide with all the necessary videos, images, and animations.

However, MrWeberloo will also add videos, insert images or create images or add images and animations if the customer requests us to. The customer should note that extra charges are applicable for this service.

More web pages will be developed but at extra charges. The customer can buy it as an add-on along with the product. The customer can also buy the same by requesting for it at support@mrweberloo.com.

In case the theme based sources that you provide us are not in HTML, there will be charges extra applicable for the conversion too.

The customer has to provide relevant content during the web designing process. In case it is not possible, we can provide content writing services at charges that are applicable. In case the project requires purchasing rights of themes, the customer has to provide it to us by purchasing the same. Or, we can also buy it and provide to our customers but extra charges are applicable and the customer has to pay for the themes purchase too along with the web designing services.

The customer has to provide us with the Logo Design; otherwise, extra charges are applicable if MrWeberloo has to provide the same. We are offering Logo Design free of cost in a few plans. If you wish to avail this free service, kindly contact our support team at support@mrweberloo.com.

The customer has to provide the mock-up of the logo design. Or, alternatively, the customer can share the concept and other details with our designers and they will come up with the logo design.

We only provide an approximation of the time that the entire project would take to complete. Sometimes, it may take even longer.

In case the customers are keen on utilizing mail functionality, they will have to provide all the details and credentials so that we create an account or they create an account and message all the details to us.


Customers are required to furnish details related to all accounts on social media so that necessary linkage can be established during the web development time. If customers want us to create accounts, then we will do so on different social media networks at an applicable cost of £2.00 per account.

We have PayPal payment system integrated into all our plans. In case customers wish to have different payment gateways, we will have extra charges applicable. However, customers need to furnish account details configuration and API key.

In case there is a logo of a payment gateway already inbuilt in your site, we will remove the same at a price that is applicable. This step is considered to be essential keeping in view SEO.

In case you choose to upload a specific product to your e-commerce store, you will have to choose a different plan if you wish to increase or decrease the product. We will not be able to add single products on specific plans.

Customers need to provide logistics API configuration or key when they enter into an agreement with any shipping company. We wish to make it clear that MrWeberloo is not liable for any kind of loss, damage or delay incurred through shipping.


We will finish the mobile app development from our end. Customers will have to upload the applications on the platforms they desire, be it Apple Store or Android. In case customers want us to upload the same, we will have extra charges levied for the services rendered by us.


Keywords play a key role in SEO. More keywords, more charges are applicable.

In case customers wish to have more animations or videos, they will have to provide the same to us.

Content writing services and extra blogs come in at additional costs.

We will submit a monthly report to the URL provided in the agreement.

In case the customer wants SEO refund, the customer has to give a prior one month notice or halt the monthly payment. Services to the customer will be automatically suspended.

The customers will have to furnish advertising banners as a part of digital marketing. In case the customer wants MrWeberloo to create the advertising banners, the service comes in at extra cost.


When you are entrusting your Project Management into our able hands, it will call for a lot of research and understanding of many facts. Our staff will, therefore, ask a lot of information related to your business. As a part of the process, they will also question you about your competitors and the current market positioning of your business. MrWeberloo has the right to ask your future expansion plans so that they can work in that direction. (Kindly note that we will maintain strict confidentiality with all the details we have gathered from you related to your business. We will not share, leak or spread any of the details to a third party and this is the prime work ethic of MrWeberloo).

Only after your written consent in the form of an email, we will publish any kind of information related to your business for SEO purpose or advertising purpose or for digital marketing purpose.

Until and unless we receive a written documentation from your end, we will not accept any requests for publishing information on your behalf.

In case the project calls for, our professionals will seek for more details about your business as and when the project progresses.

KINDLY NOTE: we are providing project management service, a service that encompasses all services under one roof. It is a monthly contract wherein payment is through installment system. MrWeberloo has the right to retain all information related to backend credentials. We also have the right to access the information even without seeking your permission.

We will not keep a record of any of the front-end credentials. MrWeberloo is not in any way entitled or responsible for the loss of services or products of the customers in the frontend.

MrWeberloo has the right to seek access to the front end of your store in case of any problem or query from your end, for which you have already given your consent in written.

MrWeberloo strongly recommends changing the credentials in the front end in case the customer feels unsafe. The customer does not have to share the details until and unless he feels there is a serious issue and it has to be fixed.

All our Project Management plans, at MrWeberloo, come in as monthly subscriptions. So, customers will have to subscribe to our plans through PayPal or through direct debit with MrWeberloo.

MrWeberloo reserves the rights to stall the services it offers to its customers anytime it deems fit, or whenever the services and products are deviating the restrictions or laws or when the monthly payment has not been received.

There is no flexibility on the dates that the payments have to be made. No grace period is offered and so MrWeberloo holds the rights to stall its services suddenly in case of non-payment by the due date.

MrWeberloo offers Redesign service as a complimentary offer. The company, however, reserves the right to modify or stop or refuse the service without giving any prior notice.

There will be no adjustment or refund of funds in case we refuse to offer Redesign service.

Our Redesign service encompasses only the cover design. Developing, content writing, SEO, digital marketing, hosting services and mobile apps development are NOT covered under the Redesign service.

MrWeberloo offers hosting services as per the requirements of the project. We hold the rights to increase or decrease your specific hosting space. In case your project accesses the standard Hosting space with MrWeberloo, then MrWeberloo has the right to charge an extra payment on a monthly basis or it may choose to suspend the services too.

KINDLY NOTE: MrWeberloo offers only monthly payment system for Project Management and there is no specific yearly plan. In case the customer chooses to stop this service half way, they will have to pay for the entire month and an additional £25.00 towards cancellation too. Even if the customer wants to leave, they will have to pay the balance amount coupled with cancellation charges. If the customers fail to do so, MrWeberloo reserves the rights to stall its services and then recover different assets like hosting, designing and coding. The domain, SSL, sub domains, digital marketing services can be withdrawn and MrWeberloo reserves the rights to resell the services or restart the services.

When the services and products that are a part of the Project Management services are seized or resold or repossessed by MrWeberloo, we will not keep any of the product logos, product images, animations, videos that are provided by the customers. The registered domain will be the legal property of the customers.